Our Story

How my wife’s pregnancy sparked the idea to build the world’s largest platform connecting people to healthy meal options.

My wife and I have always made an effort to eat healthy throughout the week, fighting the easy temptation of fast food and takeout. During the early stages of her pregnancy, she became extremely nauseous while cooking. As I stepped in as the “head chef” I quickly started to dread the time-consuming process of shopping, prepping, and cooking more and more. After a week of eating bland chicken and bagged rice, we needed a change. I started my search for healthy meal options in my area; this became very time consuming. I jumped from social media sites to Google and back, making lists of what services offer what and any reviews I could find. To my surprise, there were a variety of great local services delivering healthy, convenient meals. These services provided me health pre-portioned meals while giving me back the free time I cherished with my family. The only problem was, these services were difficult to find. If I felt this way, I’m sure others did too. In early 2018, Mealnerds was born. We are more than just a search and discovery website. We are a community of like-minded people who are passionate about balancing health with our day-to-day responsibilities. We want to help you eat healthier and spend more time enjoying what’s important in your life. As the food industry responds to consumer demands by offering healthy and convenient meal delivery choices, we are here to give you all the options. Our team continually strives to provide a platform that makes choosing healthy meals just as easy as browsing through the grocery store.

Enough about me… let us help you find your next meal.


Founder & CEO of Mealnerds