Tone House Fuel

Tone House Fuel

Locally Sourced
Pick Up ONLY
Prepared Meals
Tone House FUEL is a clean-eating program to help maximize recovery and boost results for the goals and body you are striving towards. These delicious, nutrient-dense meals are specially crafted for Tone House Athletes to help your body burn fat, build muscle, prevent inflammation, maximize performance, and achieve optimum health. Chef Lindsey Becker is a fitness-focused professionally trained chef and certified health coach. She has previously worked at a Michelin Star restaurant and has cooked for private clients all over the country. She utilizes whole ingredients and local, organic foods in a plant-rich, nutrient-dense diet to nourish your body. Lindsey and her team of nutritionists create meals that are a perfectly portioned balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates
  • Locally Sourced
  • *Organic
  • Pick Up ONLY
  • Prepared Meals

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