The Peaceful Plate

The Peaceful Plate

Prepared Meals
Vegan Option
Vegetarian Option
The Peaceful Plate was born after having to prep all of my meals due to some health issues that required major dietary restrictions. After a few months, the dis-ease I felt for years started to fall away (along with 15 lbs) and my spirit lifted completely! I've learned that when we aren't well, it's hard to live to our fullest potential. It's pretty simple really, a balanced diet equals a balanced body. We don't believe in diet trends, just real food that tastes good. At The Peaceful Plate, we believe when the body changes, thoughts start to change too, and eventually everything else on the outside starts to falls into place. Allowing us to have an abundant life, inside and out.
  • Prepared Meals
  • Vegan Option
  • Vegetarian Option

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