Plate Therapy

Plate Therapy

Gluten Free Option
Paleo Option
Prepared Meals
Plate Therapy delivers to busy Los Angeles area tables looking for a Paleo-inspired lifestyle to push the reset button on their health. How are we making lives easier and healthier? With all the benefits, eating Paleo requires work that can be hard to fit into your daily schedule. We take the planning, shopping, chopping and cooking off your plate so you can focus on eating good food. What's in every delivery? Nutritionist-approved plans with chef-created recipes that don't contain dairy, grains, legumes, gluten, soy or refined sugars Responsibly Sourced Ingredients: · Meats and fish raised in cruelty-free environments, free of antibiotics, hormones and GMOs · Organic and local produce whenever possible · AMAZING RESULTS - look, feel and live better Interested? Invite us to your table and you'll get more than healthy, chef-crafted Paleo meals. You'll welcome a taste for a new you.
  • Gluten Free Option
  • NO GMO
  • Paleo Option
  • Prepared Meals

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