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PHIT PHUEL is a meal prep service ready to cater for any kind of lifestyle. We focus on high quality meals ready to satisfy any taste buds! We offer a wide variety of meals, all which you can choose in 3 different portion sizes (Traditional, Athlete and Premium) Each size has it's purpose when it comes to an individuals goals. Our traditional sized meals are catered more towards people who are looking to losing weight or need to eat small portions throughout the day. Our Athlete portion is more for people who have an active lifstyle and require more calories to keep up with the energy the body requires yhroughout the day. It is also for those that follow a workout regimen from 3-5 days a week. And last but not least our Premium portion. This portion is our biggest meaning that it will be catered more towards those who are in bodybuilding, strength training, marathon training, or just anything involving high demand in calories. We also offer our CRFT detox juices, infused waters, and snacks. So have a look at our menu and enjoy our customized way of ordering, where the way your meals look throughout the week depend on your choosing. Also *BIG REMINDER* All orders are to be placed by thursdays before midnight in order to have them for that upcoming sunday. Thank you and welcome to this PHUELED LIFESTYLE!
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  • Prepared Meals

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