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Meal Kit
We all crave new experiences, and at PeachDish we know that the best place to have those is in your kitchen. We want you to connect with your kitchen by valuing cooking as an experience instead of an obligation. Preparing and sharing a meal with people you love is the most universal way to connect. PeachDish packs that into a box and mails it to your home every week. People often limit themselves by only consuming what is convenient and familiar. That’s why the PeachDish team develops delicious menus for you every week with ingredients that are southern-infused and internationally-inspired. Keeping true to our Atlanta upbringing, we continually honor our Georgia roots, southern hospitality & seasonal simplicity. We are excited about the latest iteration of PeachDIsh. As we focus even more on sourcing our produce and proteins directly from farmers and artisanal producers in our region and are working with award winning chefs from around the southeast, we know we are delivering the best the south has to offer and celebrating the excitement of the new southern cuisine. It's a fantastic, healthy, convenient product.
  • Meal Kit

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