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Locally Sourced
Meal Kit
Vegetarian Option
As the world’s leading meal kit company, we know how fun cooking can be. We make it easier for everyone by delivering delicious ingredients you'll love to eat and simple recipes you'll live to cook. Our customers are busy families who enjoy the convenience and variety of our product -- from the 6-step recipes that take around 30 minutes and require minimal equipment and cleanup, to the ease of getting everything delivered straight to their doorsteps. By taking care of the annoying bits, we allow customers to save time and enjoy the fun part: cooking! Oh -- and eating, too.
  • Locally Sourced
  • Meal Kit
  • Vegetarian Option

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Lifesaver for busy couples
649 days ago
My husband and I started cooking more no grocery shopping. I love how you can skip weeks if you want and the recipes are clear and easy for the most part.