Fresh Fitness Kitchen

Fresh Fitness Kitchen

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We follow the same science that made Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers successful: portion control, balanced nutrition, and frequent meals. Everything you eat affects your blood sugar levels. Weight gain occurs when blood sugar levels spike and dip. If your blood level gets too high your body releases hormones that put your body into fat storing mode. If your blood sugar levels gets too low your body thinks its starving and again goes into fat storing mode. Nutrition is the most important part of weight loss. Starvation diets and fasting actual achieve the opposite effect, they slow your metabolism. Research shows that eating smaller balanced meals throughout the day regulates blood sugar levels which switches your body from fat storing to fat burning mode promoting greater weight loss. Healthy eating should be delicious, simple and affordable. At fresh, we think we can provide that service far better than any other. We're tackling nutrition from a more realistic point of view, TASTE. Here at fresh we take a chefs approach to healthy eating. Simply stated, we make "Clean food that taste good". Our primary concern is giving you great tasting meals and protein infused baked goods that make healthy eating a pleasure and cheat days unnecessary. We are passionate about what we do. We cook delicious, clean, honest food at a cost significantly lower than most companies selling an inferior product. There's no real effort in companies boxing the standard high protein, low carb meal plan and charging customers $11.99+ for the privilege. Eating a healthy balanced diet WILL help you meet your fitness goals, that's a given. The true challenge is in taking those same ingredients and crafting food that actually taste good, food that you'll actually enjoy eating in spite of its health benefits.
  • Locally Sourced
  • Prepared Meals

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