Fit Food MKE

Fit Food MKE

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Prepared Meals
Our menu consists of many different varieties of foods. So no matter what you are craving there is sure to be something to accommodate your desires. Menu options range from a quinoa and kale hash to a healthy yet very delicious "Chicken Pilly" made with organic chicken and topped with a horseradish yogurt sauce. With our menu changing every week, you are sure not to get "bored" with our food or it's taste. So if you're ready to start eating healthier and feel better about what you eat, it is time for FitFoodMKE! FitFoodMKE combines nutritious, gourmet-quality meals with food that is always fresh, never frozen, with no preservatives and no MSG, and ingredients are purchased from local farms as the seasons permit.
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  • Pick Up ONLY
  • Prepared Meals

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