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Vegan Option
At CHOMP we know that feeling good by maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to many of you. However, life can be hectic at times and there are moments when it seems easier to hit the drive-thru, grab a bite and keep going. Instead, why not choose CHOMP? We offer a healthy alternative via dine-in, take-out, weekly meal prep (delivered right to your door) & catering services. Whether you are an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore, CHOMP offers a menu full of fresh ingredients and unique flavors that you will be sure to enjoy. Everything offered at CHOMP is GLUTEN-FREE , VEGAN & ORGANIC. To reduce their carbon footprint, CHOMP uses biodegradable packaging, uses local grown produce as much as possible, grows their own herbs on-site, composts & recycles. The multi-award winning CHOMP vegan eatery has come a long way to ensure the convenience and accessibility of delicious healthy food. LOVE to EAT. REAL FOOD made SIMPLE.
  • Gluten Free Option
  • *Organic
  • Prepared Meals
  • Vegan Option

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