Boulder County Farmers Market

Boulder County Farmers Market

Locally Sourced
Meal Kit
Pick Up ONLY
In an age of Blue Apron and Sun Basket, we aim to go one step further. Have your recipes crafted by real chefs and ingredients grown and raised by local farmers Pick it up seamlessly at your neighborhood farmers market, meet the grower and take instruction from a pro with video tutorials watched in your home. Learn to cook seasonal while supporting your local food system. What you get: – Five recipes created by a local chef, Paul Reilly of Beast & Bottle and Coperta – Farm, fresh ingredients grown by a local farmer – A chance to meet your farmer at your neighborhood market – Grow to Go reusable freezer bag – Easy video tutorials of recipe – The opportunity to change and engage with your local food system
  • Locally Sourced
  • Meal Kit
  • Pick Up ONLY

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