Body Builder Kitchen

Body Builder Kitchen

Prepared Meals
Bodybuilder Kitchen, LLC was founded in May 2017. CEO and Owner, Sheena Pradhan, began cooking for some of her nutrition clients from Nutritious Balance, LLC that were requesting meal prep deliveries in late 2016. She was having so much success from her small number of clients that she decided to start an entirely new brand specifically for meal prep deliveries. Hence the birth of Bodybuilder Kitchen. Sheena was trained as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and is a former semi pro-triathlete and beauty queen. She knows firsthand what athletes need from the course to the field to the stage. In her practice, she has worked with all types of athletes from bodybuilders to football players to runners and triathletes. Every Bodybuilder Kitchen client gets a free phone consultation with Sheena for a customized meal plan to meet their competition needs. Bodybuilders want to be able to customize their meals to fit their macronutrient needs. Bodybuilder Kitchen is the only meal prep delivery company that is customizing macronutrients for our clients.
  • Prepared Meals

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