The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Meal Delivery Service

3 Simple Questions

As meal services sweep the nation with tailored-made options having dinners arrive at your doorstep will put a smile on your face (or at least a grin). No sitting in a fast food drive thru or waiting in grocery lines, meal delivery services provide both ultra conveniences and healthy meal options.

Before I breakdown the three questions to finding your perfect meal service here are some reasons why this booming industry has become so popular.

-More free time

-No meal prepping

-Portion control

-Healthy eating


-Exploring different foods

-Trying new diets

Now lets get into finding what meal services are best for you.


Question 1: Do I want to cook?

The meal delivery industry is broken down into two distinct options, meal kits and prepared meals.

meal kit

The popular meal kits, bringing the grocery store to you. These kits provide everything you need to cook a new and exciting meal without leaving your home. All your pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step recipe guides are included in your insulated box. Meal kits will help you become a more well round cook and keep you from repeating the same weekly dinners. Forget the hassle of shopping, just fire up the stove and put on your chefs hat.

If cooking isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time then get excited for prepared meal options.

meal prep

Prepared meals allow you to eat healthy without cooking, yes the best of both worlds.

First lets get one thing out of the way; these meals are not what you find in the frozen section of your grocery store or in the back of your freezer.

Prepared meal services are quietly becoming the new go-to option for busy individuals who want ultra convenience without sacrificing health. Prepared meals are cooked fresh and delivered right to your door. These services have recruited some of the best chefs in the restaurant industry to create and prepare pre-portioned nutritional meals that require absolutely no cooking. If you can turn on a stove or press “start” on a microwave you will not regret giving prepared meals a try.

Question 2: Is there a specific diet I would like to try?

Diets are continuing to gain popularity and rightfully so. Lucky for you meal services have taken note giving customers unlimited options when searching for specific diets.  No need to research ingredients or portion sizes let the professionals provided you with the meals you need to start a new diet or maintain an existing one. Below is a list of the major diets currently being offered throughout the meal service industry.


-Plant Based

-Whole 30





There is a meal service for every type of diet keeping you on track and eating healthy all week long.

Question 3: Should I choose a subscription or a la carte (single order) meal service?

Subscription based plans allow you to receive meals on a weekly basis, usually services will deliver two packages per week containing all your meals for that week. You are automatically billed each week, some services allow you to pause your subscription if needed. After setting up an account you can note any allergies or dislikes. Depending on the service you may receive an email detailing the upcoming menu, allowing you to make changes to your order as needed.  With automatic shipments, you don’t have to think about what’s for lunch or dinner, it like being a kid again, just eat.

 A la carte (single order) meal options let you choose the meal and date that works for you. Take a night off from cooking and still eat healthy without a commitment, it’s a great way to test services and find your perfect fit. If you know you will have a busy week coming up why not give a meal delivery service a try.

Let Mealnerds help

At Mealnerds, it is our goal to help you find a meal delivery service that can fulfill your healthy eating needs. Search locally in your area to find the best meal service options that deliver delicious and nutritious meals to your door. We want to help you regain free time and enjoy what’s important to you. Meal plans allow you to focus on the people you’re with, not on worrying about what’s for dinner. Search today and start eating better tonight!

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Meal Delivery Service

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